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Maguelonne Teisseire received her Ph.D. in Computing Science from the Méditerranée University, France, in 1994. She served as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Montpellier II University and Polytech’Montpellier, France, from 1995 to 2008. During this time, she led the Data Mining Group at the LIRMM Laboratory in Montpellier from 2000 to 2008.

In March 2009, she joined the TETIS lab and currently holds the position of Research Director at INRAE. Her research interests are centered around advanced data mining approaches, especially focusing on spatial and temporal data. She specializes in text mining and sequential patterns, with a keen interest in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. Maguelonne actively contributes to various projects supported by international, national and regional initiatives. She has a substantial publication record, featuring numerous papers in refereed journals and conferences, covering topics from behavioral modeling to data science.

Current Research Projects

MOOD project (H2020) - 2020-2024 [leader: R. Lancelot, Elena Arsevska]
BEYOND project (ANR PPR) - 2021-2026 [leader: C. Morris]
HERELLES project (ANR) - 2020-2025 [leader: P. Gancarski]


Here are the most recent papers I've been working on (See also HAL INRAE)


(Territoires, Environnement, Télédétection et Information Spatiale)
Maison de la Télédetection
500, rue J.F.Breton 34093 MONTPELLIER Cedex 5, France


Graduated Students (Ph.D)

- Mehtab Alam Syed (2023) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Definition and integration of new insights for improving disease surveillance systems"
Topic: One Health, Data Science
- Urcel Kalenda (2023) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Définition, conception et évaluation d'un système d'information spatial pour le pastoralisme en zones périméditerranéennes françaises"
Topic: Information System, Pastoralism
- Hugo Deléglise (2021) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Food security prediction from heterogeneous data"
Topic: Multimodal Data Mining
- Rodrique Kafando (2021) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Multimodal Data Mining for Smart Cities"
Topic: Multimodal Data Mining
- Jacques Fize (2019) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Matching Heterogeneous Textual Data Using Spatial Information"
Topic: Text Mining
- Lynda Khiali (2019) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Remote Sensing Images"
Topic: Data Mining
- Sarah Zenasni (2018) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Spatial Text Mining in Short Messages"
Topic: Text Data Mining
- Claude Flamand (2015) - Univ. Paris Sud
Thesis: "French Biomedical Ontology Enrichment"
Topic: Data Mining and Dengue Fever in Guyana
- Juan Antonio Lossio (2015) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "French Biomedical Ontology Enrichment"
Topic: Biomedical Data Mining
- Mickael Fabregue (2014) - Univ. Strasbourg
Thesis: "Partially Ordered Patterns, Application to Hydrobiological Data"
Topic: Data Mining
- Hugo Alatrista Salas (2013) - Univ. Montpellier and Univ. New Caledonia
Thesis: "Spatio-temporal Sequential Pattern Mining"
Topic: Data Mining
- Hai Nhat Phan (2013) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Moving Object Mining"
Topic: Data Mining
- Cecile Low-Kam (2010) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Etude probabiliste et statistique des grandes bases de données"
Topic: Statistics and Data Mining
- Lisa Di Jorio (2010) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Recherche de motifs graduels et application aux données médicales"
Topic: Health and Data Mining
- Paola Salle (2010) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Les motifs séquentiels pour les puces ADN"
Topic: Ontology and Health Mining
- Marc Plantevit (2008) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Extraction de Motifs Séquentiels Dans des Données Multidimensionnelles"
Topic: Multidimensional Mining
- Céline Fiot (2007) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Extraction de séquences fréquentes : des données numériques aux valeurs manquantes"
Topic: Fuzzy Sequential Mining
- Federico Del Razo Lopez (2007) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Recherche de sous-structures arborescentes ordonnées fréquentes au sein de bases de données semi-structurées"
Topic: Tree Mining
- Simon Jaillet (2005) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Catégorisation Automatique de Documents Textuels: D'une Représentation Basée sur les Concepts aux Motifs Séquentiels"
Topics: Text Mining, Sequential Patterns
- Pierre Alain Laur (2004) - Univ. Montpellier
Thesis: "Données semi structurées: découverte, maintenance et analyse de tendances"
Topics: Schema Mining, Trends Detection, Web Content Mining
- Florent Masseglia (2002) - Univ. Versailles Saint Quentin
Thesis: "Algorithmes et applications pour l’extraction de motifs séquentiels dans le domaine de la fouille de données: de l’incrémental au temps réel"
Topics: Sequential Patterns, Web Mining, Incremental Mining, Real Time Mining